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the grammy audience {part one}

Just posting random stuff…… School is starting early such a bummer, but I had a great summer!

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Here’s the jist smashers; Lucina and Robin join (Ike and Marth) in the game, Cap’n Falcon is returning and chrom is Robins final smash (like the alt. mega mans).

I was so HYPE for Smash! Worth waking up for! Captain Falcon…… Lucina….. Chrom and Robin.. those leaks were true! Praying for Mewtwo….

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valuable lesson from regular show.

Valuble lesson from Regular Show, and they say cartoons can’t teach you lessons, that proved them wrong,

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Cartoon Network: Check It!

My childhood! +Adventure Time!

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 Mirrors (Iheartradio album release party)

That guy is amazingly talented!

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It's like you're my mirror

Favorite song!

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This is why Disney is legendary.

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juicy notebook

These are some interesting notebooks, make me want one…

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This is the poster of “Japan PonyCon 2014 Spring”, which will be held on May 4th, 2014 in Ohji,Tokyo!

Since it is also the signing card of our Skype call Special Guest, Andrea Libman, it features all the characters of MLP-FiM that she voiced.

More info about the con:

Layout sketch: Stinken
Ink and Color: Kolshica

One of the best voice actresses of MLP.

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