Beyoncé - ***Flawless (feat. Nicki Minaj)

The Queen of Rap slaying with the Queen B

This is so turnt. Bey and Nicki! (Finally….)

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a little comic dedicated to a friend

I needed this really bad. thank you.

I’m literally crying. This is so important.

i love this a lot

This is life. (Cries in bedroom about this😭)

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the grammy audience {part one}

Just posting random stuff…… School is starting early such a bummer, but I had a great summer!

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Here’s the jist smashers; Lucina and Robin join (Ike and Marth) in the game, Cap’n Falcon is returning and chrom is Robins final smash (like the alt. mega mans).

I was so HYPE for Smash! Worth waking up for! Captain Falcon…… Lucina….. Chrom and Robin.. those leaks were true! Praying for Mewtwo….

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valuable lesson from regular show.

Valuble lesson from Regular Show, and they say cartoons can’t teach you lessons, that proved them wrong,

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Cartoon Network: Check It!

My childhood! +Adventure Time!

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 Mirrors (Iheartradio album release party)

That guy is amazingly talented!

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It's like you're my mirror

Favorite song!

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This is why Disney is legendary.

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